Frequent questions about kitchen remodeling

Do you paint cabinets?

No we do not paint cabinets. From our experience, painting is a short term fix. If you want an updated look and plan to paint and replace the doors on your cabinets, we recommend replacing them. If painting is what you want, we recommend hiring a professional painter that can give you references from past kitchen cabinet jobs they have completed. Also make sure they describe their prep and paint process before making a decision.

What if I only want countertops?

Our specialty is replacing cabinets along with countertops-kind of like a package deal. If all you are looking for is new tops, we recommend you work with a local stone fabricator. 

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Great question. Typically, a complete kitchen remodel takes 4-5 weeks if it involves stone tops. Some kitchens are completed in 2 weeks and some are longer than 4. It all depends on how much work needs to be done.

How do I get a 3D rendering of my kitchen?

The first step is to call and talk with us about your kitchen. Then we will schedule a consultation to establish what your goals are for your space and the styles that you like. Based on this information we will schedule an in-home measure where we will take accurate measurements of your kitchen.  Then, we invite you back to our Design Center where we will walk you through the 3D Rendering we have created of your kitchen.

What are quartz countertops?

Quartz is the most popular counter top material besides granite right now. Most all quartz counter tops consist of 90% or more natural quartz stone. The quartz is ground into small pieces and then mixed with a product to hold it together. Quartz has many benefits such as; consistency, no maintenance, high stain and scratch resistance, and durability.  

What about electrical or plumbing?

We can take care of any electrical, plumbing, HVAC neede to get the job done.

Can I buy cabinets and install them myself?

Absolutely! We are happy to get you the cabinets you need. You will need to arrange pickup once they are ready or talk with us about delivery.

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