7 Sure signs it’s time to remodel your kitchen now!

So you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but not sure if it’s the best time to invest the time, money, or energy into updating? First, let’s consider what happens in your kitchen. It’s the place you go to gather, cook, eat, entertain guests, spend time with your family, and more. You spend more time in your kitchen than you may even realize. Maybe remodeling has never crossed your mind, but maybe you’ve already called and got an estimate.

It’s time to pause and take a serious look at your kitchen. This room you visit on a daily basis is SO important. Try looking at the room from a stranger’s eyes you just invited over for the first time. What do you notice first? Is it that old stove? the same flooring that has been there for 30 years? the peeling paint on the cabinets? How do you feel about your kitchen now? Would you buy your house again with the kitchen the way it is? These could be very challenging questions to ask yourself! Sometimes it’s tough to be objective, so we are here to help. Consider these seven signs it’s time to remodel your kitchen NOW!

1. MC Hammer was popular when your kitchen was designed.

Time does pass so quickly. Really, 1990 feels like yesterday. But if your kitchen was designed back then, it might feel like you are in the stone age! If your kitchen has signs of laminate counter-tops, yellow appliances, or floral wallpaper, it’s time for your much deserved and long awaited upgrade. You don’t want to be stuck in a blast from the past every time you want to cook dinner. Can’t touch this?! Yes, you can. And you should! Middle Georgia Kitchens has so many new options to look through in our showroom in Milledgeville, GA.

2. You cannot make toast and coffee simultaneously.

Most older kitchens are not up to electric code. Not having the correct wiring or breakers can be very dangerous when it comes to the combination of appliances AND water you use in your kitchen on a regular basis. Breakers are installed in order to shut off electricity when it’s flowing through something it is not supposed to – like you. or water. Play it safe! Middle Georgia Kitchens will bring our electrician to your home and bring your home up to the most updated regulations for your safety when it comes to your kitchen.

3. You dread cooking. Others dread your cooking.

Kitchen design is a personal preference, and your voice matters at Middle Georgia Kitchens! If your kitchen lacks counter or cabinet space, or just lacks a practical floor plan, you might dread meals. These meals should be enjoyed with family, not dreaded! Our design team will be with you for every decision, every step of the way, making your kitchen truly YOUR style. Even if your cooking is bad, you will enjoy being in the kitchen trying.

4. There isn’t any space on the counters or cabinets anymore.

Has your lifestyle changed? Maybe your needs have changed since your kitchen was previously designed, or maybe you haven’t ever remodeled since you purchased your home. It’s time to make your space YOURS. It doesn’t matter whether you need a bigger pantry for all those snacks to take to soccer practice or more counter space because you started prepping food for the week. Take your kitchen back.

5. New appliances wouldn’t fit in your space.

So the old refrigerator finally quit cooling. You go to purchase a new one no problem, except your favorite fridge is no longer made, and actually no fridge is made those dimensions anymore. It’s a more common problem than you would think! Our design team at Middle Georgia Kitchens can work in your older appliances (that do work), or help position new appliances easily in your space.

6. Those appliances are really outdated.

Appliance prices have dropped. YES! It’s much easier today to purchase high quality appliances, such as stainless-steel, for less money than in times past. So now is the time to experiment with new appliances, vent hoods, and other features in your kitchen such as lighting! At Middle Georgia Kitchens, our design team can assist you in which appliances would look and work best for your kitchen needs.

7. You are moving on to better things.

Selling your home?! That elbow grease may not make it shine enough. Outdated kitchens, similar to bathrooms, can cause huge problems for resale. Buyers are looking for move-in ready homes, not many are interested in remodeling a house they just purchased. At least not for top dollar. Same holds true if you are wanting to rent your home. Remodeling your kitchen before you sell can be the difference in taking a month to sell or over a year. A remodeled kitchen will make your home more appealing and therefore more likely to get a better selling price, or renting price. Call Middle Georgia Kitchens for a quote today!

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