What Is A Soft-Close Cabinet Or Drawer?

“Soft-close” is a buzzword in the cabinet industry right now, but what does it mean? Its pretty self-explanatory actually. For our purposes, soft-close refers to the closing action of a piece of cabinet hardware. Hinges, drawer guides and an increasing number of all other types of accessories are adopting this “soft-close” feature (even toilet seats). If you have never experienced a soft-close cabinet, you’re in for a treat! This simple feature transforms the operation of everyday used items, creating an almost luxurious experience. Gone are the days of slamming cabinet doors and drawers. Now parents can sneak their ice cream bowls out of the cabinet without waking the kids (unfortunately, this works both ways LOL!). Blum is one of the leaders in soft-closing technology and their products are found in a lot of our cabinets and accessories. In fact, we love this feature so much, that all of our cabinets come standard with soft-closing drawers and doors! Sure you can save a little money if you don’t want them, but I think once you use these hinges and drawer guides once, you won’t want to go back. If you want to see them in person, we would love for you to stop by our Design Center and give them a spin!


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