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December 30, 2017

If you ask the question for people's opinion of how they think the year 2017 went, you'll no doubt get very different responses from person to person. There were a lot of joyful things to happen this year as well as sad. I'll not dwell on the sad or stressful things, b...

September 7, 2017

So you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but not sure if it's the best time to invest the time, money, or energy into updating? First, let's consider what happens in your kitchen. It's the place you go to gather, cook, eat, entertain guests, spend time with yo...

August 17, 2017

Introduction to what a soft-close hinge and drawer guide are and how they operate and improve your cabinets.

August 3, 2017


This year we are seeing a continuing trend of gray and white painted cabinets. If it's not from one of those color families, then it's likely another cabinet of the painted cabinet variety. Stained cabinets are beautiful still, but not as popular as painted. Ther...

July 14, 2017

What are the differences between quartz and granite counter tops? We get this question a lot and really it is a great question. Here are a few facts that will help distinguish the two. 


Granite is a 100% natural product. The stone is mined, cut, and polished to b...